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Extension Plans In 7 Days

Transform Your Home in 7 Days With Our Super Fast Essex Architectural Services

Initiate with a Saturday survey; receive sketch proposals by Monday and your finalised extension plans ready by Friday night. 

This service is Limited to just three projects weekly, offering you a bespoke, rapid transformation of your home in only 7 days.

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Extension Plans In 7 Days

From Scan to Plan in Just a Week...

Dream It on Saturday, See It by Friday.

Surveyed Saturday, Start Sharp

Every journey with Surv Essex begins with precision and care. Scheduled on a Saturday, your project kicks off with an in-depth survey and consultation right at your doorstep. Utilizing advanced 3D HomeSCAN technology, we ensure the most accurate representation of your space, capturing every detail to inform our design process. During this initial meeting, you’ll have the opportunity to discuss your vision and preferences directly with your designer, all from the comfort of your own home. This foundational step guarantees that we start sharp and fully aligned with your aspirations.

Monday Magic: First Sketch Reveal

Transform your typical Monday with a glimpse into the future of your home. Following our Saturday survey, the very next Monday brings an exciting moment in your home transformation journey: the reveal of initial sketch proposals. Crafted with precision and creativity, these sketches provide the first tangible vision of what your space could become. It’s a moment designed to brighten the start of your week, offering something truly special to look forward to. These proposals not only reflect our understanding of your needs and desires but also set the stage for the bespoke transformation that lies ahead, making Mondays a day you eagerly anticipate.

Plans for Friday Night

Cap off your week on a high note with Surv Essex. By Friday night, the anticipation culminates as we present you with the complete set of plans for your future home. Imagine kicking back after a busy week, glass of wine in hand, unfolding the drawings that outline the next chapter of your home’s story. This moment is not just about reviewing architectural plans; it’s about visualizing your future in the spaces we’ve meticulously designed together. It’s a toast to the weekend and the exciting journey ahead, with every detail tailored to transform your living space into your dream home.

Change Your Home in Just 7 Days

Where Designs Flow, Drama Doesn't...

Guaranteed Upfront Costs, Zero Shocks.

Navigating the path to your dream home shouldn’t come with the worry of hidden fees or the stress of unclear pricing. We understand that uncertainty around costs can turn what should be an exciting journey into a fraught one. That’s why at Surv Essex, we’ve eliminated the guesswork. Our guarantee of upfront costs with no hidden shocks means you can focus on the creative aspects of your home’s transformation, secure in the knowledge that the financial side is clear and under control. This approach removes the drama, leaving room for the fun part – designing your space.

Vaulting Over Council Hurdles Together...

Council Paperwork? It’s a Team Sport.

Dealing with council permits and regulations can be daunting, often seen as the biggest hurdle in the process of transforming your home. At Surv Essex, we tackle this head-on as a team sport, with our expertise and proactive approach turning potential obstacles into smooth pathways. By taking on the bureaucracy of planning permissions and regulatory compliance for you, we not only speed up the process but also ensure that your project doesn’t get bogged down by red tape or delays. Our collaborative approach means we’re with you every step of the way, vaulting over council hurdles together to keep your project on track and moving forward.

Plans in a Week: Saturday Discovery, Friday Delivery...

From Scan to Plan: A Seamless Seven-Day Journey.

The anticipation of waiting to see your dream home plans come to life can be one of the most nerve-wracking aspects of any home transformation project. Surv Essex revolutionizes this process by offering a rapid, seamless journey from initial discovery to final delivery in just one week. Starting with a detailed HomeSCAN on Saturday and culminating in the delivery of your bespoke extension plans by Friday, we ensure that the excitement of your home’s evolution is matched by our efficiency and speed. This swift process means you spend less time waiting and more time enjoying the unfolding of your home’s potential, transforming the traditionally drawn-out planning phase into an exhilarating sprint towards your future home.

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Client Testimonial Wayne Essex

Embarking on our home renovation journey felt overwhelming at first. The mere thought of navigating through the paperwork, aligning our dreams with practical plans, and the potential hidden costs was enough to have us second-guessing. That’s until we discovered Surv Essex.

The clarity began from the moment our home was surveyed that initial Saturday. The promise of a swift, transparent, and efficient process wasn’t just met; it was exceeded. By Monday, Surv Essex had already shared the first sketches, sparking our imagination with what could be. And by Friday, we were looking over the full plans, awestruck and brimming with excitement.

Surv Essex’s team took the council paperwork, a labyrinth we dreaded, and turned it into a smooth path forward. It truly felt like a collaborative effort, with their expertise guiding us toward the finish line of this race we had been hesitant to even start. And the finish line was nothing short of miraculous. Our home was transformed within just a week. It wasn’t merely about seeing our ideas on paper; it was about seeing them enriched and brought to life, surpassing our expectations.

What truly set Surv Essex apart was their commitment to transparency and customer satisfaction—guaranteed upfront costs and unlimited revisions made this journey stress-free. The transformation of our space was incredible, but the change in how we feel about our home is indescribable.

For those wavering on the brink of decision, our advice is unequivocal: Trust in Surv Essex. The transformation they promise is not just about your home; it’s about transforming your life at home. And for us, that has been utterly priceless.